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Productive System

trial We can provide everything from die design, to prototype to mass production. Regarding press processing, we can participate at the developing stage, assisting to clarify and isolate any problem points throughout. We can also execute customer VE (Value Engineering) suggestion activity.


■Meeting with clients

We listen to customers, and provide the best proposal and flexible support in order to realize customer’s preferences.

■Mold desingn and NC data creation

Mold desingn and NC data creationBased on 3D Data and product drawing, we apply our experience of manufacturing various forms, and design a process flow and the die.


■Modeling and assembly

Modeling and assembly

With NC data created from 3 D data, we realize highly accurate processing.
The field floor with the principal of 5 S (Seiri (orderliness), Seiton (neatness & tidiness), Seiso(cleaning), Seiketsu (cleanliness), and Shitsuke (good manner)) informs us an abnormal situation immediately, and this enables us to manufacture good dies.

We adjust with our experienced eyes and fingers, and assemble dies.

■Trial and check

Main Equipment Manufacturer   Number
of unit
800T Trial press REIMEI FCLP-800 1
300T Trial press KOMATSU E2G300 1
200T Trial press KONGO BDT-200M 1
200T Trial press AIDA TP-200C 1
150T Trial press KOMATSU OBS-150 1
150T Trial press AUTOME AC1-15K-150 1
55T Trial press NAGAO NCP-55 1
Press brake AMADA RC-25 1
3D laser processing machine MITSUBISHI Electric VZ1 1
3D laser processing machine NIPPEI TOYAMA TLM-4DB 1

Trial with assembled die, check and measuring of each process flow will be carried out in order to make required accuracy.
After checking accuracy with trials, we do checking with a sorting machine for each process flow. This is to avoid any appearance defect such as scratches. We prepare the presses of from 55t to 800t so that manufacturing of various products are possible.



Main Equipment Manufacturer Serial number Number
of unit
MAG welder
Panasonic YD-350GB2 1
Spot welding machine CHUO-SEISAKUSHO SID 1
Staking machine brother BRI-103 1
Staking machine brother BRM-211 1

By welding or caulking, it is possible to assemble several products, depending on requests.


■Measurement (Manufacturing Process)

After manufacturing products, we measure the dimension of the drawing and verify it.
We consider this process flow important as we are responsible for manufacturing.

■Shipping Inspection

Main Equipment Manufacturer Size Number
of unit
3D measuring machine Mitutoyo Crysta-Apex C7106 1
3D measuring machine Mitutoyo Crysta-Plus M547 1
3D measuring machine TOKYO Seimitsu XYZAX SP600A-30S 1
Mitutoyo PV-5000 1

Dedicated inspector mesure and verify final products using 3 D measuring machine, projector and height gauge. This inspection is an additional process besides of the one of manufacturing process.
Also, in the inspection room, temperature and humidity are managed for 24 hours, 365 days.
We deliver safety to our customers.

Shipping Inspection

■Delivery and Pricing

Our sales staffs take care of delivery operation and pricing.


After delivery, our sales and inspection staffs will follow up for all the defects of products.


Based on a long-term relationship of trust, we collaborate with a company who has diversified equipment as our company.
We can manufacture main pressed sheet products for 1 car (front and rear sheets) at one time.
Even products manufactured at our collaborator, we carry out shipping inspection in our inspection room in order to assure the quality.

Product introductions

We apply technologies, knowledge and experience to produce actual dies such as progressive and transfer die technologies.
Also, in order to achieve high performance, each of us collaborates to make a creative idea. Our slogan is “Seriousness makes ideas, halfway-done make complaints, impreciseness makes excuses”. We aim at “quick delivery without waist (muda)” and “cost reduction with consideration of die response”, and respect customer-driven policy.


Using mainly high‐tensile steel plate, we provide trial parts that enable comfortable driving and safety.

試作サンプル・シート関連 試作サンプル・シート関連 試作サンプル・シート関連 試作サンプル・シート関連
試作サンプル・シート関連 試作サンプル・シート関連 試作サンプル・シート関連 試作サンプル・シート関連


Besides of sheets, we can produce products of deep drawing form with good quality.

試作サンプル・その他 試作サンプル・その他 試作サンプル・その他