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Approach toward future

Approach for wood's flow molding

>Approach for wood's flow molding

Material revolution! Wood is transformed to a metal or plastic!?
~"Eco-technology" that can freely transform a hard wood by a revolutional processing method~

"Flow molding": It is a one-of-a-kind technology that can freely transform various woods such as pine tree and bamboo to a material like a plastic.

Since 2012, our company has initiated to conduct a research for processing wooden and metal materials by press processing machine in cooperation with Advanced wood-based material technology group of sustainable material research section at National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.

We asked ourselves if industrial products such as Sake-cup or stereo’s speaker cone with the requirement of much processing and labor time could be mass-produced. So we initiated to deal with a new approach by utilizing a new technology called “Wood flow molding” to actualize such production.

A high-precision processing for metal material

A high-precision processing for metal materialOur company has been steadily advanced as a pioneer of progressive mold with the support of customers up to the present date. For the next generation and manufacturing of a higher-precision metal mold in future based on this technological accumulation, our company certainly will make our best efforts to continue improving such technology and securing a good quality without depending on the current business success.

We are absolutely certain that our new technology as a flexible and advanced technology with its own originality will constantly lead and contribute to a clean energy field and society from now on.

Development of high-strength frame

Development of high-strength frame While safety and comfort are required for vehicles today, a light weight for parts increasingly becomes more important along with a requirement of fuel efficiency improvement. However, it is not easy to make metal parts lighter. It should avoid a loss of solidity and high-strength for metal characteristic by a light weight processing.

In Chiyoda Kogyo Co., Ltd, we facilitates a light weight processing while maintaining a reliable solidity processed by our own device. We surely can offer various technologies for reinforcing a thinness of metal with a structure or maintaining a light weight and high-strength by introduction of new technology.