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Productive System



Over details are investigated utilizing know-how at trial manufacturing and development.Detailed, accurate drawing is prepared via feedback and detailing any potential problem points quickly.

Processing data is rendered in 2D and 3D drawings.
Our companies’ unique processing system that reduces the delivery period and leveled production as well as processing accuracy is thoroughly pursued and adopted.
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A high quality die is completed into finished form by an experienced and professional staff ready to contribute their varied ideas so as to reduce production time and minimize cost to the customer.



Problem solving and Feedback from the manufacturing staff to further finish and perfect the die through pain
staking quality control and inspection from customer as well.

■Leaser measuring

After making a point group and surface conversion by leaser measuring, we verify twist by combination with original data.

 a point group / surface conversion / combination


■Die sample

Die sample

■Size of die

Size of die

PRG (progressive die) 1200 ton class
TR (Transfer die) 2000 ton class

■Ultra high tension 100

Ultra high tension 100